Jaques Duphly


The Cembalist


Vita (from Rouen to Paris) (1715-1789) 

After early work as an organist in Rouen, Jacques Duphly concentrated exclusively on the harpsichord since he lived in Paris after 1740. He taught and soon made a name for himself as a musical virtuoso in the Paris salons and at court.

Public  respons and Reputation 
Part of Parisian society and appreciated abroad 

He was appreciated by Jean Jacques Rousseau and supported by the court of Louis the 15th. His works were also printed in England and recognized in German music literature.

“You have probably heard in society of M. Duphly, a student of d’Agincourt…he is considered a very good harpsichordist in Paris. One finds in him a great deal of fluency [légèreté] in his touch and a certain softness, which, supported by ornamentation, gives several of his pieces a wonderful character.” (Pierre d'Acquin de Chateau-Lyon)

Works for Harpsichord 

The character piece, influenced by Couperin and Rameau, is enriched by Scarlatti's brilliant elegance and a well-developed sense of sound. His late works already approach the early classical, galant style.